Lunch Money the Ultimate Incentive

Restaurant P.I. users will earn LMY tokens every time a secret shop has been completed and when a deal has been redeemed.

3.7 /5
ICO Bench
7.4 /10
ICO Marks
3.59 /5
ICO Holder

Token Exchange Stages

Private Token Exchange
June 5, 2018

1ETH = 2000 LMY

.60 USD

50,000,000 LMY

Pre Token Exchange
July 5,2018

1 ETH= 1000 LMY

.80 USD

40,000,000 LMY

Main Token Exchange
August 5 , 2018

1 ETH = 800 LMY

1.00 USD

Round 1 – 50 % Bonus Aug 5th – Aug 18th
Round 2 – 25 % Bonus Aug 18th- Sep 1st

70,000,000 LMY

160,000,000 Total For Sale

How Does it work?

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Restaurant P.I. is a platform that serves as a portal between
local restaurant owners and customers around them.Blockchain technology
ensures transparency and trust in the businesses and customer relationship.
Exclusive deals and discounts are exchanged for anonymous visits and feedback on the customer experience.Patrons remain anonymous while dining at
various participating restaurants. After submitting feedback, the customers
are rewarded with a deal coupon that can be used in the next visit. Lunch Money tokens are used as earned incentives for completing secret shops and repeat visits

Token Structure

Advisor Fund
Software Development
Reserve Fund
Incentive Payout
Operational Costs
Team Remuneration
Coins For Sale
Name: Lunch Money
Contract Address: 0x66fd97a78d8854fec445cd1c80a07896b0b4851f
Token Type: ERC20 Utility Token
Ticker: LMY
Decimals: 18
For adjustable emission: all unsold tokens will be used for our token incentive program as earned rewards
Secure way to purchase tokens: Ethereum
Hardcap: 57,000 ETH


Q3 2017
Full Product Ready, Google Play Store Release, Gather Feedback, Create Awareness, Sign Up Users
Q1 2018
Blockchain Phase 2 • Lunch Money Smart Contract • Whitepapers • Pitch Deck • Road Map • LunchMoney.IO Website • Expand the team
Q3 2018
Business Development • New App Release • Launch Partnerships • Ship Marketing Kits • Referral Program
Q1 2019
Growth 2 • Introduce Xtra Lunch Money Rewards • Implement Xtra Lunch Money Rewards
Q4 2017
Blockchain Phase 1 • Research • Team Building w/ Blockchain Experts • Rebranding • Hire Smart Contact Architect
Q2 2018
Blockchain Phase 3 • Private Exchange • Token Pre-Exchange • Main Token Exchange • Distribution of Lunch Money
Q4 2018
Growth 1 • Issue Restaurant P.I. Diner Credit Cards • Expand Across U.S • International Outreach

Soft-cap Budget Allocation

  • Brand Development 50%
  • Marketing and Promo 20%
  • Legal Fees 5%
  • Strategic Partnerships 10%
  • Talent 15%

Our Team Members

Our Advisors

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